This page lets you set up the name of your organization details such as Organization name, billing details, security contact point, etc.

Your organization admin will be redirected here on first login after the account has been setup.

⚠️ Organization admin can always changes these settings under the profile page.

1. Fill out the following details:

a. Company Name: Registered name of the company that will be billed for the licenses used under this


b. Country: The country the company is located.

c. Billing Address: The billing address for the company.

d. Billing Email Address: The email address where all the invoices will be sent.

e. Information Security Contact Email Address: Email address for information security contact point, 

    we may reach out to this email in the event of a security incident or a security finding.

f. Organization Admin Email Address: Organization IT admin email address will be used to communicate 

   any changes to our services, including but not limited to the features and policies. This email address 

   will be used to unlock accounts or authorize operations on the customer's behalf.

2. Once you have filled the information, please click Complete setup.