⚠️  When you download a new bootable image (.iso), all the previously created files may stop working

       unless you have Auto Enrollment turned on.

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. On the left menu, click on Create Bootable USB.

3. Fill in the details for default configurations.

  • Laptop Settings

    End-Users can customize the language, keyboard, and default timezone as per their preference.

  • Language: The default language for the Laptops in your organization.

  • Keyboard Layout: The default Keyboard layout for the Laptops in your organization.

  • Default Timezone: The default timezone for the Laptops in your organization.

  • Hostname Prefix: Hostname is given to a device on registration, and it helps to identify the laptop in asset inventory and may be used for policy assignment, password recovery, troubleshooting purposes, etc.

  • NTP Servers: If your organization uses specific NTP servers, please enter them or leave this field empty.
  • Configuration for /etc/hosts file: If you want to specify a custom mapping of some hostnames /domain names to IP addresses please enter them here or leave this field empty.

4. Click on Save Config & Create Bootable USB

5. The process will take around 2 mins, and a new EvrenOS.iso (approx 2.5 GB) file will be downloaded.

You can now use this file to install this OS in a Virtual Machine such as VMWare or you can create a bootable USB drive to install on a machine.

⚠️ The .iso file is specific to your organization and should not be shared with any non-authorized person.