This page allows you to set up default credentials for all the devices that will be installed and to enable disable auto-enrollment of devices using any bootable image (.iso) created for your organization.

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal

2. Navigate to Device Setup under Advanced Settings in the left menu (as shown in the screenshot).

3. Auto Enrollment

⚠️   Please note that allowing auto-enrollment will allow devices to register in your organization with older

        versions of the bootable images (.iso) this feature can increase risk if the .iso file has been stolen. 

        Please only enable this option during a mass installation.

Use the toggle button (as shown in the screenshot below) to enable or disable the auto-enrollment of devices.

4. Default Credentials

⚠️  Default credentials will be set up on the devices only for the devices installed after configuration is 

       made on the Evren Manager Portal. Evren doesn't recommend using weak passwords or sharing 


On this page, please enter the default username and default password (as shown in the screenshot below) 

that you would want the newly installed devices to be installed with. Any change in these credentials will not

effect the devices that are already installed & enrolled.

5. Once done with the settings, please press Save Configurations button.