What will you need?

1. Evren bootable image file (.iso)

2. Oracle Virtual Box for virtualization

3. Laptop/PC that you want to install on

⚠️  We currently only support x86 architecture-based devices.

4. Internet Connection (Wi-Fi or Wired)

Note: Before you begin, please make sure that your laptop has enough memory space allocation 

          for Virtual Machine. We suggest having 2GB of memory space allocation and 4 GB RAM 

          allocation respectively.

How to download Evren ISO file & VirtualBox

1. If you don't have the ISO file, please browse to Evren Manager Portal to download and proceed with 

    the next step.

2. Please head to VirtualBox's official website https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads to download 

    VirtualBox 6.1.26 platform packages based on your Operating system (OS). 

Installing VirtualBox on MacOs

1. Open the new DMG file, and then double-click “VirtualBox.pkg” to open the installer. You’ll also 

    find the User Manual here, as well as the Uninstall tool.

 2. Please head to Security & Privacy and tick to allow apps downloaded from "App Store and identified 

     developers" after "Click the lock to prevent further changes." Please Allow System software from

     developer "Oracle America, Inc".

3. Upon installation completion, you can proceed to install Evren OS on a laptop/PC.

Installing Evren on VirtualBox


1. Now that you’ve installed VirtualBox on your Mac, you would need to load up our Evren OS on a 

    virtual machine. Open Virtual Box (via the “Applications” folder or via a Spotlight Search).

2. In VirtualBox, click New.

3. You can name our Evren operating system as desired if you type the name of any available OS. 

    You may choose a different Machine Folder to store the VMs. When you’re ready, click Continue.

4. On the following screen, choose how much RAM (the amount of memory) you want to allocate to 

    your VM, and then click Continue. Keep in mind if you set this too high, your Mac won’t have enough 

    memory to run. The default recommendation is 4096 MB, which is enough to run most installers. 

    You can always change this later in Settings.

5. Now, you have to decide the size of the hard disk for your VM, or if you want one at all. Select 

    Create Virtual Hard Disk Now and then click Create.

6. Next, you have to decide which type of hard disk to create. The default is VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image), 

    which is Oracle’s proprietary container format. 

7. On the next screen, if you want a faster setup, select Dynamically Allocated. If you want a faster 

    performance, select Fixed Size and then click Continue.

8. We recommend a space allocation of 20 GB for the items below for software and swap space.

9. Now you have successfully installed VirtualBox and Evren VM. Next, you have to set up the 

    Evren OS by configuring the downloaded ISO file on your laptop. Before that, please go to VirtualBox, 

    and click Start.

⚠️  If you are encountering any error to proceed and your MacOs version is Big Sur, please follow 

       the steps below to rectify the issue before proceeding to Step 10.

a. Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy

b. Unlock to make a change and unblock Oracle

c. Please restart your machine and reinstall VirtualBox from Steps 1 - 8

10. Before clicking Start, please go to Settings.

11. Navigate to SystemYou may need to modify the EFI settings at the sub-menus of the VM 

      configuration by enabling EFI (instead of UEFI secure boot).Tick on Enable EFI (special 

      OSes only)as the screenshot below.

12. Next, please navigate to Storage and choose Empty under Storage Devices. Next, click on the 

      disc icon on the right and click on Choose a disk file and select the Evren bootable image(.iso) file.

13. Once you have chosen the right Evren.iso file, you shall see the screenshot below.

14. Next, choose the right graphic card (VMSVGA) in the configuration and enable 3D acceleration.

15. Before you run Evren OS, please ensure all hardware requirements are met to ensure smooth 

      installation and launch.

16. Click on Start and you will be directed to the page below and click Install Evren to proceed with 


Note:  If you are encountering an issue with Secure Boot as image below, please refer to Steps 

          10 -11 before continuing with Evren OS installation on VirtualBox. You may skip to Step 16 

          to proceed with installation shall there be no error message.

17. You will see this screen, now the setup will run unattended, and it will take 30-45 minutes 

      depending on your laptop/PC.

18. Once the installation has been completed, you will be asked to set it up before you use it. Click 

      on Start Configuration.

19. Select the configuration for Timezone, Keyboard, and Language.

20. Create a user account with a password. This same password will also be used for hard-disk 

      encryption, which you must enter every time you restart your laptop/PC.

21. The laptop/PC will auto restart and you will need to enter your password to log in.

Enjoy your new Evren OS. The apps selected to be installed on the admin portal will be automatically 

installed in a few minutes. Please make sure there is internet connectivity.

Please contact support@evren.co for any queries or to report any bugs.