This feature allows you to get the password of the root (admin) user for a particular device.

This password is only valid on that device and will expire 24 hours after generating the password.

 ⚠️  Please do not share this password with an unauthorized person as the root user will be able to

        perform any operation on the device. Evren recommends that you only use this in emergency 

        cases or if asked to do so by an Evren Support Engineer.

1. In order to get the root password for a device, search for the device on the Device List Page.

2. You can click on the Root Password button either on the device list page or the 

    device health information pageas shown in the screenshot below.

Root Password button on the Device List Page

3. Once you click the Root Password button you will be presented with the root password in a pop-up, as 

    shown in the screenshot below.

⚠️  This password is only applicable and valid on that device with a 24 hours expiration period after 

       generating the password.