This feature allows you to set or modify configurations for log shipping from each endpoint to your preferred location. (Currently, AWS S3 and Alicloud OSS are supported).

⚠️   Please make sure that the storage resource is only for storing these logs and the access key ID and 

        Secret only has "append-only" or "create only" permission to the relevant storage.

Please follow the steps below to add/modify configurations for device logs to be shipped to your desired 


1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. Navigate to Log Config on the left menu (as shown in the screenshot).

3. Please choose to select/input the following details (screenshot below):

  • Log Location (Bucket/Storage Name)
  • AWS Cloud Region or Alicloud OSS Endpoint
  • Access Key ID/Username
  • Access Key Secret/Password

4. Once done, press the Save Configurations button.

⚠️   Log Configuration changes take around an hour to get synced to all your devices.