If you are seeking an application based on your preferences or requirements which is not currently available on your machine. Please follow the steps below (as shown in the screenshots).

Option 1

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. Navigate to App Management on the left menu (as shown in the screenshot)

3. You can search for the apps you want. Click on Know More to find out more about the apps. 

    You may select the app to be installed on your devices by checking either the Mandatory or 

    Optional box next to the app, as shown in the screenshot below.

Option 2

1. Since the Evren App store is available on all Evren devices, users can access it via the app launcher, 

    as shown in the screenshot below.

2. In Evren App Store, users are able to install the apps permitted in their organization and also to 

   browse through other apps available on the Evren platform.