⚠️  These are advanced settings, and you should not change these unless you specifically know 

       what you are doing. 

Follow the steps below to set or modify configurations for what actions the user can perform on the managed devices. Some of these functions can only be performed by a root (admin) user and changing them will allow normal users to perform these functions.

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. Navigate to User Actions Manager under Advanced Settings on the left menu (as shown in the 


3.  You will see a table of all Actions, a Description of each Action, and a toggle button to Allow Users 

     or Allow Admins Only to be able to perform that action. Please read the description before making 

     the changes.

4. Once done, press the Save Configurations button.

⚠️  User action settings changes take around two hours to get synced to all your devices. If you have         

       questions, reach out to support@evren.co.