This article guides us on how to set or modify browser settings such as enabling, disabling and adding bookmarks on browsers.

Please follow the steps below to manage bookmark settings for browsers on the devices 

managed under your organization's account.

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. Navigate to Browser Settings on the left menu (as shown in the screenshot).

3.  Navigate to Managed Bookmarks section. You can enable or disable the function by pressing 

     the button of your choice.

4. To disable bookmarks on the browser, please click on Disabled.

5. To enable bookmarks on the browser, please click on Enabled.  

    You may rename Managed Bookmarks Folder Name to your preference. To add a bookmark, 

    please insert the bookmark name and URL and click Add Bookmark.

4.  Once done, please scroll down and press the Save Configurations button.

5. Created bookmark will appear on the Bookmark Bar after an hour for Browser Policy change to sync.

⚠️  Browser Policy changes take around an hour to get synced to all your devices.