To test the webcam on Evren, you may need to download the Cheese app from Evren App Store. The 

article guides us on how to install the said application and to test the webcam in Evren OS.

If you wish to make an app mandatory on all your devices under your organization, please click on 

the link Evren Manager Portal Application Management for complete guidance.


1. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen.

2. Click the Evren App Store button.

3. The app allows users to install the apps permitted in their organization and also to browse through

    other apps available on the Evren platform. (Screenshot below)

4. In the search box, please type Cheese and click Enter. Navigate to Cheese and press on it.

5. Please click Install to proceed.

6. Once the installation has complete, you may see the application status reflected as "Installed" as 

    per the screenshot below.

7. Next, launch the application from the Start menu and search for Cheese.

8. Once you have launched the app, please click on the Menu icon to modify the webcam settings.

9. Press on Preferences and modify the configurations accordingly.

Change the capture resolution of your webcam - The resolution of a video or photo determines how 

much detail you can see in it, changing it will affect the file size.

Disable the Countdown - Remove the countdown so that photos are taken instantly.

Disable the flash - Stop the screen from flashing white when taking a photo.

Fullscreen - Enable and disable full-screen mode

My photos and videos look wrong - Adjust the saturation, contrast, brightness, and hue to make the 

photos and videos look better.

10. Once completed, click on Close and you may use your machine's webcam.