If you have a dual monitor setup and you want to change the Primary and Secondary monitor, here is what 

you can do.

Please follow the directions below to change between your primary and secondary screens. 

1. Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

2. Click the System Settings button.

3. In the search box, please type Display & Monitor or please navigate to the Hardware 

    section. Click Enter.

4. Once you have plugged in the display output cable on both laptop and external monitor, 

    you will see a message on the dialog box stating A new output has been added. 

5. On the settings option given, please navigate to Device and you may choose the device output 

    that you would like to Enabled and make it the Primary Screen.

6. If you desire to make the laptop screen the Primary screen, please press on Device and 

    choose Laptop Screen. Next, tick the Primary & Enabled box and click Apply to confirm 


7. Vice-versa for an external monitor. Click Apply to confirm changes.

8. To modify other settings such as Resolution, Orientation, and Refresh rate, you may click 

    on respective drop-down menu and choose the preferred option.

Display resolution

Screen Orientation

Refresh rate