This article guides us on add an application to run automatically at startup in Evren.

1. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen.

2. In the search box, please type Autostart and click Enter.

3. In the right section, you will see a list of applications that are currently applied to run automatically 

    during the startup of Evren. 

4. To add an application, please press on Add and choose Add Application.

5. Next, type an application name that you would like to add and click on the Application Icon as 

    shown below. Once done, click on the OK button and the application will be added to the list.

6. You can also automatically run applications/scripts by opting for the Terminal options and tick 

    Run in the terminal box. Next, add the desired script/ application and click OK.

7. Upon completion, you will be able to view the newly added applications/scripts on the list.

8. Please restart the laptop/PC at your most convenient time to validate.