LUKS password is the standard for Linux hard disk encryption password. This article guides us on how to reset the hard disk encryption password after entering the wrong password three consecutive times.

Below is an example image that shows the disk encryption password prompt screen before logging in to your respective User profile.

⚠️  At boot time, if you enter a wrong LUKS password (disk decryption password) 3 times in a row,                 no error will appear and you will be presented with a blank screen.

1. At the moment, the system is not configured to display an error, and it quietly gives up booting.

2. Reboot the machine.

3. Get a "rescue" disk encryption password from the Evren Manager Portal. In order to acquire 

    the disk encryption rescue password for a device, kindly search for the device on the Device 

    List Page.

4. Please click on the Disk Encryption Rescue button on the right side as shown in the screenshot 


5. You will be directed to the page below and please insert the Disk Encryption Rescue password.

⚠️  This password is only valid on that device and will expire 24 hours after generating the password.