This article guides on how the configure and assign a static IP for an Evren device.

1. Run System configuration (Start Menu —> System Settings)

2. Select “Connections”.

3. Select “eno1” (or whatever network interface you are trying to configure (For instance, it’s enp0s31f6 

     here)). Select “General configuration” and ensure that “Connect automatically with priority” is 

     enabled and set to 0. Also, assure that All users may connect to this network” is enabled too.

4. Under the IPv4 section, please insert the respective details.

Method: Select "Manual"

DNS servers: Insert 1 or more DNS server IP addresses (coma separated, no space)

Search Domains: Enter your AD domain name

Address: Click the add button on the right, and start filling in the information requested

5. Click "Apply" to save the configuration.